Come celebrate the birthday of Stefany Vaz, from the most famous children’s novel of Brazil!

On the weekend of 10/17 to 10/19, we have another very special event for the children: the child actress Stefany Vaz, from the most beloved children’s novel of Brazil, will celebrate her birthday at Oscar Inn!

Enjoy and bring your kids to celebrate this event and have some fun with our special programming! Check here our special offer for this month.

Stefany Vaz

Don’t miss the autograph afternoon with the doll of the most famous children’s soap opera of Brazil

At the election weekend (10/03 the 10/05), we have a very special event for the children: an autograph afternoon with the child actress Amanda Furtado, who plays the doll Laura in the dearest childhood soap opera of Brazil!

Enjoy and bring your children to enjoy a special programming! Check here our special package for the event.


Check our Photo Album of Ivory Coast Stay at Oscar Inn

The stay of the delegation of the Ivory Coast at the resort was certainly one of the most important and memorable events, not only for the Oscar Inn, but also for the population of the region of Aguas de Lindóia.

We accompany every moment of the concentration of the players and selected the best photos for our album on Facebook. Be sure to check!

Check the photo album at Facebook

Press Companies follows the stay of the Ivory Coast at Oscar Inn

During the stay of the Ivory Coast at Oscar Inn Eco Resort, The national and international media closely followed the daily lives of the players. The resort prepared for the stay of the “elephants” and modernized its structure, which now offers rooms with TVs 33’LCD new, hot and cold air conditioning, a fitness facility completely restructured with new and modern appliances, physiotherapy section with new appliances and the restaurant with fresh furnishings.

Below are some videos and news that rolled during the stay of the Ivory Coast in the resort (in portuguese):

Check also this video showing an open training session held by Ivory Coast:

Oscar Inn as Ivory Coast’s CT is news all over Brazil

In the months before the 2014 World Cup, the Oscar Inn received extensive national media attention, which made ​​reference to the resort as the CT of the Ivory Coast in the World Cup. Oscar Bernardi, who played for the Brazilian national team in three World Cups, also made ​​news.

Check out some news and videos published before the World Cup (in portuguese):

Check also this video of RIT News, showing various CT’s selected for the World Cup, including the Oscar Inn (also in portuguese):

Ivory Coast soccer team confirmation at the Oscar Inn puts the resort in evidence at the media

After confirming that the Oscar Inn Eco Resort will receive the delegation from Ivory Coast to the World Cup in 2014, the resort has seen increasing media presence. Check out the latest news and articles about the resort:

Oscar Inn Eco Resort receive the Ivory Coast for the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Now it’s official: the delegation Ivory Coast chose the Oscar Inn Eco Resort as its official training center for the 2014 World Cup.

Around 10 delegations visited the facilities of the resort, and the Ivory Coast was the penultimate.

The Ivory Coast team has a title for the African Nations Cup, won in 1992.

Click here and follow the full article from the Journal of EPTV 2nd Edition, commenting on the choice and also about the resort.

Oscar Inn is one of the main options of Uruguay team for the 2014 World Cup

The Oscar Inn Eco Resort is a priority for the Uruguay national team. According to an article published in Ovación Digital, part of the newspaper El Pais, the resort is the first choice of the two considered by the Uruguayan national team.

The article shows that the only obstacle in time for the closing of an agreement between the selection and the resort is the interest of another selection: the Ivory Coast. The coming days will be decisive for the definition of the headquarters of the “celeste”.

Check out the full article on the Digital Ovación site by clicking here.

Oscar Inn will receive three soccer delegations in January 2014

The month of January 2014 will be a lot of training and dedication to three soccer delegations. The São Bernardo and São Caetano teams, who are already frequent guests of the resort will be here in January to make preparatory trainings for the 2014 season.

In addition to the two Brazilian teams we will also receive Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC, from South Korea, coming to the resort to prepare for a very important season for the team. Jeonbuk, who usually compete in the K-League in Korea regained access to the Asian Champions League (ACL).

If you’re a fan of any of the teams, or is it simply a sports fan, be sure to stay with us!

Blog “The Orange Window” tells how was their visit to the Oscar Inn

The blogger Marcio Cimatti, from the largest blog for family travel in Brazil, The Orange Window, visited the hotel and wrote a super cool review. Marcio highlighted the points he liked most from our resort as the bathhouse, the animals of the place, the ability to bring small dogs, and activities for children, among other details.

Read the full review here.