Águas de Lindóia

Find out more about Águas de Lindóia, known as brazilian thermal capital, and its and its tourist attractions.

A bit of history

The city’s history begins around 1728, when Mister Manuel de Castro, Santos dweller, received from the governor and Captain General of São Paulo and Minas Gerais captainship, a letter that endowed him the lands in Ribeirão de Águas Quentes, in an allotment way. At that time, explorers and troopers already practiced thermalism; a belief of wound healing through hot water.

Later, a clergyman from Amparo, Priest Bueno cured his illness in those waters, and decided to acquire the place. Because of his death, his heirs, who had no knowledge about medicine, left those lands.

Around 1850, coffee plantations dominated the region, which also included lands belonging to Amparo, Serra Negra and Socorro, through countless forms of this exportation product. But it was Doctor Antônio Tozzi, born in Italy, who got the business up and running.

He came to Brazil in 1900, and was surprised by the cure of an eczema in his uncle’s leg who was a priest in Lindóia. Through the medicinal benefit provided by the thermal waters, he acquired the lands during a public sale. In 1913, he built a small office and in 1920, there was already a scientific research about the radioactive water in the region. The fame of the water was beyond Brazil’s border. Doctor Tozzi died at 67 years old, in 1937, and in the next year, "Thermas de Lindóia", as the place was called, got its political-administrative emancipation. Águas de Lindóia arose, then.

The city offers, besides the thermal water, uncountable tours surrounded by nature. Adventure sports and rural tourism are some of the qualities of the city’s attractions. Águas de Lindóia is like paradise, privileged by nature. And it is located around the biggest groundwater of the country: 60% of the mineral water distributed in Brazil, comes from here.

About the City

Águas de Lindóia is an important city of "Circuito das Águas", thermal capital of Brazil, located 180km away from São Paulo (capital city), and 8 km away from the State border with Minas Gerais.

Surrounded by “Serra da Mantiqueira”, the city shows its amazing vegetation, pleasant weather, and high quality of life.

The city’s structure is prepared to receive more than 60 thousand visitors a day, and promotes big events, such as the Paulista Encounter of Antique Automobiles (in Adhemar de Barros Square and Espaço Burle Marx), concerts with famous names in music and entertainment, etc.

There are three main commercial spots (São Paulo Street, Monte Sião Avenue and Monte Real Mall) where many products are commercialized, such as fabric (the city is the second biggest fabric producer from São Paulo), leather artifacts, handmade products, souvenirs, homemade candies, and cheese. Besides, it is by Monte Sião, which is considered the Fabrics Capital City.

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